Miami, FL. (September 30th, 2013) (Big Time Media/ Mia Musa Music)—International superstar Olga Tañon, five-time Grammy winning artist, has dedicated her time and energy for several months recruiting international celebrities and Hispanic stars to support the immigration reform.

“Olga Tañon has taken a leadership and activist role on the comprehensive Immigration reform campaign,” said Gustavo Torres, President of CASA in Action.“Olga is a heroine for our community, speaking from her heart about the suffering of family separation and need to fix our broken Immigration system.”

Deportations continue at a rate of 1,200 each day. Under Ms. Tañon’s leadership, celebrities from different backgrounds have joined the campaign by creating PSAs, also an extensive social media awareness globally as well as numerous interviews in the media that created a massive impact on the unforgotten message “Time Is Now”.Olga Tañon continues her devoted support on her social media platforms creating awareness of the social issues pertaining to an immigration reform.

As a result of her leadership, activism and commitment Olga is responsible for others artists to join the fight for CIR and to publicly take a stand in favor of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Because of a previous engagement, she will not be able to attend the October 8th “Camino Americano” event, but she will continue providing her immense help in all social media platforms where she has been an active supporter.

“My unconditional support is with all the undocumented immigrants in the United States, I have been and will always be in the struggle until we have justice for all of our brothers and sisters,” said Ms. Tañon. “I won’t be physically there this coming October 8 as this date coincides with previews artistic commitments from my end outside the United States. I have faith in God and hope that we will celebrate soon the passage of the immigration reform bill.” Stated the five-time Grammy Award winning artist.

Olga Tañon will be in Washington DC this coming October 2nd performing at theCHCI Hispanic Gala before President Barack Obama and the First lady Michelle Obama.

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